Relocated Route 403

East Greenwich and North Kingstown, RI
Owner: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

The Relocated Route 403 freeway is a $140 million controlled access facility, on new alignment, connecting Route 4 in East Greenwich to the Quonset Business Park in North Kingstown, RI. The new Route 403 freeway provides high-quality, safe and efficient highway access to one of the premier industrial parks in this region of the country. Although the freeway is only 4.5 miles long, the total length of roadways, ramps and service roads is 14.8 miles. The freeway has 3 interchanges and 14 bridges spanning roadways, railroads and rivers. The entire facility was opened to traffic in February 2009.

Freeway Facts Planning Process Final Design
  • 4-lane controlled access
  • 4.5 miles long
  • 14.8 total miles of roadways
  • 3 interchanges
  • 14 new bridges
  • 2 rehabilitated bridges
  • Needs assessment
  • Complete traffic analysis
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Public/agency coordination
  • Historical/archaeological studies
  • Regulatory permits
  • Freeway, ramps and bridges
  • Major sewer/utility relocation
  • Eleven water quality basins
  • Extensive temporary roadways
  • Traffic signalization and signing
  • Twelve construction contracts

Incorporated into the new freeway design were extensive features for storm water management. Included as Best Management Practices (BMPs) were eleven water quality basins and a multitude of other techniques required to protect the valuable drinking water aquifer over which the project passes, as well as area surface waters and wetlands.