Reconstruction of President Avenue

Fall River, MA
Owner: City of Fall River, MA

This street improvement project was implemented by the City of Fall River in response to and in partnership with new business development on President Avenue.

The initial efforts on the project involved a conceptual study in which GRA conducted an extensive traffic counting program, developed a good understanding of the traffic patterns, analyzed existing traffic operations, identified high-accident locations, and estimated projected traffic volumes from planned business development. The traffic data showed existing traffic volumes on President Avenue at an estimated 25,100 vehicles per day. In addition to commercial development, the traffic on President Avenue is heavily influenced by Durfee High School, Bishop Connolly High School and Bristol Community College, all of which are located to the north of the project on the main intersecting street, Elsbree Street.

The recommended improvements that were implemented included the widening and full reconstruction of the street, the consolidation of curb openings, and the provision of left-turn lanes at Elsbree Street and throughout the frontage of the shopping center on the north side of the project. Once the preferred concept was approved, GRA completed final design and the preparation of the plans, specifications and estimates in under four months to meet the desired schedule of the City.