Reconstruction of County Road

Barrington, RI
Owner: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

County Road (Route 114) in the center of Barrington is a principal arterial highway that carries in excess of 22,000 vehicles per day. Passing through the government center and central business district of the town, this section of Route 114 is flanked by intense commercial development that produces traffic patterns that involve heavy turning movements into and out of the many commercial driveways along the route. Before reconstruction, this route was characterized by a deteriorated roadway structure, low curb reveal, sidewalks in disrepair, and numerous, poorly-defined access points to the adjacent properties.



The initial efforts on this RIDOT reconstruction project involved detailed studies and the development and evaluation of several alternatives for reconstructing the existing roadway and improving traffic operations. The preferred alternative that was implemented required roadway widening and right-of-way acquisition for a three-lane cross section that provides a two-way left-turn lane throughout the project. Utility poles were relocated behind the sidewalks, an entirely new storm drainage system was designed, new traffic signals were provided with decorative mast-arm supports, and traffic operations were further enhanced through the interconnection and coordination of the four traffic signals on the project. Following coordination efforts with the Town of Barrington, the RIDOT agreed to include a major landscape architectural component in the project’s design. In addition to extensive planting, period lighting was provided and the center turning lane and all crosswalks were formed in colored concrete stamped with a brick pattern on the surface in recognition of Barrington’s history as a brick-producing center.