Albion Bridge

Lincoln and Cumberland, RI.
Owner: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

The Albion Bridge spans the Blackstone River between Lincoln and Cumberland, RI. The original bridge was a classic, pin-connected Pratt Truss structure built in the mid-1880s. It was considered a valuable visual element of the Albion Historic District and the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.

To maintain the historic value of this river crossing, Gordon R. Archibald, Inc. developed the innovative concept of 'aesthetic rehabilitation.' Under this concept, the trusses were refurbished and placed astride a new, two-dimensional steel grid superstructure. The steel grid carries all of the new superstructure and vehicular loadings, leaving the trusses to carry only the weight of and loadings on the sidewalks. In this way, the reconstructed bridge can carry contemporary traffic loadings, while its 19th-century visual quality is preserved for future generations.